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Beginners 3

Getting more and more

comfy in talking and

exchanging ideas in Dutch


knowledge of Dutch:

  • passing the Beginners 2 test with a minimum of 75 percent

  • see content of Beginners 2 at the Beginners 2 page

you will learn:

  • giving a 5 minute monologue on a subject of your choice (see picture above)

  • getting more comfortable in how to put your ideas forward, asking directions, talking about interests, movies, likings, selling ideas, telling a story, all just using Dutch

  • Using more complex grammatical  structures to sound more eloquent in Dutch : phrasal verbs and subclause structure

  • chapters 12-18 ​ You will obtain level A2




18 April - 4 July | Tuesdays | 2 hours | 17:30-19:30 |

429 euros 

Not included and to be bought by the student prior to the 1st class: 

'Nederlands in gang' Coutinho



Download and print your homework scheme so you always know what to prepare for next class

Print the course material so your tutor can easily do exercises outside the curriculum with you
Click for homework scheme + edition 2017 of the book: here
Combine this course with Go Dutch card  or punch card and get better faster
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