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Wil je Nederlands leren bij ons? Goede keus!

Do you want to learn Dutch with us? Good choice!

We are a small team of self employed Dutch tutors, working in Amsterdam and online. We are specialised in highly educated expats from all over the world and have been providing in company Dutch trainings like and Mapletree.

What we look for is experienced, enthusiastic people who are knowledgeable and praised by our students for their skills and friendliness.

In the picture on your right you can see some of our many tutors you might have soon!

Below you can find a description of some of our tutors.


I'm Inge. Ever since I recall I've always been a social animal, whether it being through language, movement, travelling, music, people. Over the years I've learned several foreign languages. 

Right now I'm focussing on my Spanish skills to use in my next travels. I know what it is like to learn a language, and with almost 20 years of teaching experience I'm pretty convinced I can teach you good tips & tricks how to memorise and assimilate. Also, the contact with people and seeing them progress every single time reminds me why I love my job so much!

I've been teaching since 2004 and the founder of Hendrickx Interlingua (Hi Dutch, 2018).

Tot snel!!

My name is Leon.Teaching mostly beginners courses I love seeing the first flashes of understanding on students’ faces. Moving from (total) incomprehension to a workable basic level of Dutch together is a rewarding process. Trained as an anthropologist I am fully aware that learning a language is much more than studying grammar and vocabulary: it is wrestling with foreign concepts too. In my classes we wrestle with the Dutch language in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. 


Why learn Dutch? Amsterdam is a nice enough city when you speak English but speaking Dutch opens doors, socially, and provides interesting windows on the Dutch and their peculiar culture too. 

Kom binnen!

Foto Leon.JPG

Hallo! My name is Mirjam van Beijsterveldt, originally from the beautiful province of Zeeland, in the south of Holland. I have been teaching Dutch since 2005 and really enjoy working with the language and with the students learning it. My lessons are dynamic, informal yet serious, and they have a strong focus on conversation.

I, myself like to learn languages as well. I speak Spanish fluently, and get by in French and Portuguese. The last few years I have been able to practise a lot, since I was lucky to spend some time in France, Portugal, Spain and several Latin American countries.

During my travels I wrote three children’s books (in Dutch!), which have all been published by now. Writing is nice, reading as well. I always like to make time for it. 

Other (non linguistic) activities I enjoy are practising yoga, walking and cycling. Cycling, especially in the Netherlands. I miss our flat fietspaden when I’m abroad!

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