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How to study

  • write words down: memory is better trained when writing with pen and paper than just typing

  • make (sound, image, ...) associations to memorise words: it just needs to be 'a' association, not per se a logical one:            e.g. grappig = funny      association to memorise: If I drink a lot of grappa, I'll find everything funny :)

  • study 15-25 minutes per day rather than 2 hours the day prior to your class

  • do a daily 10 minute repetition: (type in the book's name and the chapter you'd like to study and/or make your own word list)

  • in order to have words enter our long term memory we need 5-6 different occasions in which we will encounter a word, sentence. Read signs, comic books, children's books, subtitles, talk!!!

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