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  • How many hours of studying should I consider per week?
    Between 2 and 4 hours per week. What we expect you to do at home is repeat repeat repeat: vocabulary mainly. How to pronounce it. How to play with the questions and answers we practiced in class. Listen over and over again to the audio material. Also you prepare the next chapter in the book. This means: read the text and listen to the audio multiple times until you understand and even are able to repeat the sentences on your own. Why do we choose to have you do homework: studying vocabulary goes faster and on a different pace per person. Our scope is to put the learned vocabulary into practice in class which is dialogue oriented. Of course anything you do more will speed up your learning process. The tutors always encourage the students to use Dutch outside the lessons, which is of course the best way to practice.
  • How do I know what to prepare for next class if I missed one?
    As our student of a course, you will receive access to the group materials. Each class has a different document in the folder. On the bottom of that document you find the homework in yellow.
  • Why would I want to learn Dutch?
    Why not? To be able to understand a bit more in shops, bars, trams/buses The first step in integrating in the Dutch life and society To have a new short-term hobby Meet new people
  • What can I say after Beginners 1?
    You will be able to: - introduce yourself - understand signs on the streets and easy texts - order in a bar and restaurant - do grocery shopping in Dutch You will have a basic knowledge of vocabulary and grammar in order to continue with one of our higher level courses.
  • Who are the tutors?
    Inge is the founder and main tutor at Hi. We do work with somewhat 12 tutors. They tutors are all qualified, experienced, dedicated and patient with an approachable teaching way to make the process of acquiring Dutch easier and fun!
  • How do I know I'm confirmed to a course?
    Once you have applied and paid the due amount you are confirmed to the course. Please keep track of the link and check if people are joining. This can go up till one week prior to the start of the course. We do need a minimum of 4 students in order to fully confirm the course. If the course is cancelled we will refund of course the amount you already paid. Mind also our cancellation policy (see further in the FAQ)
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Terms and Conditions to the course: Double check dates and availability. -private classes must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise they will be charged. - A group course can be cancelled free of charge up to 20 days before the start of the group course. Up to 14 days before the group course starts, a €50 administration fee will be charged. In case of cancellation 8 days or less before the group course takes place, the full amount will be due. In consultation with hi, the spot may be filled by someone else. Unless otherwise agreed, the entire course or agreed amount of lesson hours must be completed within a maximum of one year.
  • How can I unsubscribe?
    In the event of circumstances beyond the student’s reasonable control (such as illness which permanently inhibits a student from participating in the course, an accident or death) the course fee will be reimbursed, upon receipt of a written request for cancellation and the student has provided valid evidence of such occurrence, on a pro rata basis and after payment of a €50 administration fee to cover the cost of cancellation incurred by hi. Students may request to be transferred to a later session during the term of the course the student has enrolled to for reasons within the student’s control, as opposed to reasons beyond the student’s control as stated in Article 5. These reasons can include but are not limited to: work schedule, travel, vacation, personal reasons. Before the start of the course, this request will be granted free of charge. If this request is made after the first but before the third lesson, 20% of the total due amount will be charged. If this request is made after the third but before the sixth lesson the fee of 30% of the total due amount will be charged. After the sixth lesson, there can be no transfer to a later session.
  • Can I enrol if I have done a course elsewhere?
    Yes, you can! Write an email to: We will then contact you for an intake session/phone call to estimate your current level of Dutch. You will then be invited to one of our next batches.
  • Do I need to buy a book?
    Yes, you do. For Beginners 1, 2 and 3 we use the book ‘Nederlands in Gang’ (Coutinho) can either be bought by yourself or by us. Mind you, buy the version of 2017 or later. For the intermediate levels we use the book 'Nederlands in Actie' (Coutinho). Please buy this book yourself before coming to your first class. You can find the book first hand or second hand on For higher level courses in consultation a book will be bought and put on the invoice.
  • Do I receive a certificate?
    This is optional and possible, yes.
  • What do the levels means?
    • Beginners 1: absolute beginner’s level or chapters 1 to 6 in the book Nederlands in Gang • Beginners 2: the level after ‘A Taste of Dutch’ or chapters 7 to 11 in the book Nederlands in Gang. • Beginners 3: the level after Beg 2 or chapters 12 tot 18 in the book Nederlands in Gang.
  • Do I get a test at the end of each course?
    After each level you get a test yes. Normally, if you attended all classes and did the corresponding homeworks/studying the test is averagely easy. Beginners 1: you have a test which is more of a final small exercise of 30 minutes. Beginners 2, and all above levels you have a test which you have to pass by minimum 75 percent to be able to continue to the next level with us. If you don't, you can study on your own or take private classes or redo the full course and take the test again.
  • How can I practise my Dutch if all Dutch people switch to English immediately?
    You just need to be stubborn and keep on speaking Dutch to the Dutch. Dutch people sometimes are not aware of the fact that you would like to practise your Dutch and they might have forgotten how difficult it is to start speaking a new language. Therefore it might help to remind them and state explicitly that you would like to practise your Dutch. You could for example say: Ik wil graag mijn Nederlands oefenen. After that introduction people tend to be more patient and understanding. Also: if you get a reply in English, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you didn’t pronounce it correctly: Amsterdam is an international place and people sometimes are just more used to speaking English. Read some more tips in this article:
  • How can I memorize vocabulary best?
    Practise, practise and practise. New words get into your long-term memory after using them for 6 or 7 times. So listen many times to the texts (not just 1x or 2x but rather 30-50x): it needs to get stuck into your head like a song! Speaking and writing also helps. And why not drill with flash cards: make your own or use the app /website: Quizlet ( you can find the word lists of Nederlands in Gang there. Just type in Nederlands in Gang hoofdstuk … There are many other applications doing the same (Ankie, ...)
  • Where can I find the mp3 files of the book Nederlands in Gang?
    The latest version of the book (Aug 2017) has two new texts and audios:
  • Do you also offer courses the integration exam
    Yes, we do. After a student has reached level A2, we offer packages to train for the exam.
  • Where can I find the lessons dates of upcoming courses?
    By clicking on the course of your choice the next dates will appear. If you like private classes, you can also find my calendar availability and book straight from there.
  • How much does a course cost?
    Prices differ depending on the course you'd like to attend. Please go to: - the course of your choice (homepage) - package deals Check if you have a discount by clicking on the coupon
  • Are there classes during Corona/Covid-19?
    Yes, there are. ​ For safety measures, until at least 6th of April, we will be holding our courses online. We use for group and private classes. Students make a (free of charge) account Their tutor invites them for their class Class can start You can register online as usual. If you have any questions please contact us on:
  • How are classes taking place during Covid-19?
    Following the RIVM advices, all classes are now being taught online. We use, a great tutoring online tool. Student simply make an account and can join. We can teach classical as well as in small groups (breakout rooms). Groups are generally smaller to guarantee enough attention per student: minimum 4, maximum 6. Until further notice on Corona we will keep teaching online.
  • Are classes in person or online?
    We offer both. In person: Amsterdam west: most commonly @ Midwest: Cabralstraat 1, Amsterdam online: Zoom
  • How can I pay?
    When you book a course, or make a separate appointment, you are directed to our billing page, where you can pay by iDeal, PayPal or Klarna. If none of those work, you need to contact the school on and ask to be added to a course and make a regular bank transfer.
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