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What students say about our online classes:


'Totally works and even better than I expected'

(beginners 2)

'They work really well. Inge is a great moderator and the breakout groups work really well.'

(beginners 2)


'I actually feel like the online classes work better! It may be strange to say so, but I feel like we get more individual time to speak, everything is clearer.'

 (intermediate 1)

'I like the fact that there is no commute, that we are in the comfort of our homes.'

 (Intermediate 1)

'The breakout rooms make for a much better "practicing" experience.' (

Freaky Speaky)

"Yes I really enjoy them'

(beginners 2)

'The information is as good and clear as live classes. It is a matter of adapting to digital.'

(beginners 3)

'The use of interactive materials via the computer works extremely well.'

(beginners 1)

'There is no distraction and it helps that Inge (the tutor) can share her screen and show us examples/quizzes etc.' 

(beginners 2)

'Very helpful! I always go back to the tutor's shared document during the week to go through what we saw. its like a digital white board' 

(beginners 1)

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