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An easy start to have 

your Dutch 'shop' and 'bar' ready

required level of Dutch:
  • you have none or almost no knowledge of the Dutch language
you will learn:
  • How to introduce yourself in Dutch to new  people
  • How to count and make easy descriptions
  • How to order and reply in a bar, restaurant  and market
  • main clauses and present tenses    
  • chapter 1-6 of Nederlands in Gang
  • You'll reach A1 level of the European frame work
19 April - 7 June| Wednesdays | 17:30-19:30 | 8 classes | in person (
ONLINE: 15 April - 12 June (no class: 29 May) | Mondays | 8:00-10:00 | 8 classes | Zoom



300 euros

check out combination reduced price of challenge card
Not included and to be bought by the student prior to the 1st class: 
'Nederlands in gang' Coutinho (we can also supply you with the book if needed be)
Download and print your homework scheme so you always know what to prepare for next class
Print the course material so your tutor can easily do exercises outside the curriculum with you
Beginners 1
​edition 2017 of the book:
Click for extra exercises
additional LIVE option: go to the market with your tutor, buy fruits and veggies and have a coffee
more info will be published soon

free trial class:

Tuesday March 21 @ 5:00 pm

thursday April 13 @5:00 Pm

 Apply here 

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