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Ellen moved from the country of Noord-Brabant, a province in the south of the Netherlands, to Amsterdam to study. She has never left cause she likes the variety of activities the city offers. But she’s also fond of the nature of the surroundings of Amsterdam. For example Waterland, where she tries to spend hours by cycling or walking in free time. 


Ellen teaches already many years courses Dutch to expats and other newcomers. She is very clear and dynamic and likes to create a relaxed atmosphere in an informal setting. Helping students learning the Dutch language and culture in a nice and comfortable way is her aim. 

My name is Bart, one of the enthusiastic teachers of Hendrickx Interlingua. 

I was born in the south of the Netherlands but moved to Amsterdam in 2006 because I fell in love with this beautiful city. I also love “la douce France” with its beautiful language and delicious wines, a particular reason why chose to study French language and culture at the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Since 2013 I have taught Dutch to students as their second language. In my opinion, learning a new language can be a lot of fun, that's why in my classes the focus is always on games, songs and interaction assignments.

In addition to teaching I love reading, cooking, exploring cities in Europe and i just started learning Spanish.

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My name is Marie-Jose and I am passionate about helping you discovering the Dutch language and culture in a playful and sociable way.

Mainly we will be talking a lot and by doing so becoming a mind liked group.

I like to keep things simple and moreover playful. I am a graduated art teacher and I have been lecturing social skills in college for the past 35 years.

I truly find it fascinating and inspiring meeting young people from all over the world.

Jeroen was born in Nijmegen (in the east of the Netherlands), but has been living in Amsterdam for most of his life now. As a child he already found language fascinating and tried to read all the words in the different languages on packaging for example, and asked dictionaries for his birthday. When they went on holiday, he liked to learn some words and phrases in that language. He still does, whenever he travels because he believes that through their language you can get a bit closer to people and their national character. No wonder language and communication have become the main ingredients of his work. 

In his Dutch classes he tries to get participants talking in an accessible way, with patient explanation, good humor, games and short dialogues. So speaking Dutch becomes fun and practical.

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