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Why learning Dutch is a great new Year's resolution

It's that time of the year again when this question pops up, usually at the Christmas party, but having missed that one out this year, maybe it popped up in an unguarded moment in your head 'what are my new Year's resolutions for 2021?'.

Often times we have the same resolutions coming back on our list year after year: do more sports, stop smoking, eat less candy etc. But do we actually keep these freshly made 'goede voornemens'?


Let's make this a rhetorical question, shall we?

Does this mean we should just stop trying altogether? Of course not!

Especially because we have some tips and tricks how to keep your resolutions? Let's apply them to say... learning a language, say learning Dutch.

One needs a couple of ingredients to make it work. Your resolution should be:

specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound.

Specific: I want to be able to have a conversation defending my views on Corona with my neighbour. Or: I want to pass the integration exam (inburgeringsexamen). Or: I want to be able to order a beer and bitterballen once the bars and restaurants open again in spring. Whether your expectation is high or low is irrelevant but make it specific.

Measurable: You can try and measure on your own by observing what you are able to say this week in comparison to last week. Just like you can be grateful to keep your moods up when you are down, you can make a weekly list of 5 things you have learned or are able to express more or better in Dutch in comparison to last week.

Or let HI Dutch Classes help you and measure your improvements by handing in written texts and homework that your tutors Inge or Leon will correct for you tailor made.

achievable & relevant: being fluent in Dutch after one course is not very achievable nor realistic, for anyone. So what is achievable? Achievable is connected to what is relevant to your daily life. Ordering drinks, making an appointment is achievable after one course. Understanding letters from the belastingdienst is achievable after at least 4 courses. Check your needs with what you can invest. We offer easy going to more in depth courses.

time-bound: you can take it step by step or you can decide to really be fluent in Dutch as long as you connect the right deadline for it.

In time-bound also resonates: people not having lots of time on their hands, being busy at work and tired after a long day behind the screen.

However, we offer morning courses when you're still fresh as well as 'light packages' without homework like our speaking courses Freaky Speaky or individual sessions of 30 minutes during your (lunch) break, only talking also known as the punch card or Go Dutch card if you are two people.

Admit it, out of all past years' resolutions, this is the year to do it. Use your time well whilst being home so much, yet achieving a new skill that opens lots of doors. Je zal wel zien!

What is your specific resolution in learning Dutch for 2021? What do you want to be able to say? Leave your answer below.

And don't forget: next week we are getting started. Don't miss your spot!!


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