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Speed session
improve fast and
talk 30/60 minutes privately with a tutor

Gen Z

knowledge of Dutch:

  • minimum A1 

you will learn to:

  • talk about topics of your liking

  • get more confidence in having the habit of talking on a regular basis

  • use the the real cool words and sentences or simply 'have a chat' or a combination of that

How does it work:

  • Buy minutes and use them up per 30 minutes, so a session could be 30 minutes or 60 minutes  It's all up to you!!

  • You can buy this punch card as an extra package to your course, or just to keep your Dutch from rusting and have a personal approach whenever it suits your day.

  • It keeps your Dutch practice going on a daily or regular basis

  • Use it in your coffee or lunch break

  • we use zoom

How is this different from a private class?

  • A private class is minimum 1 hour and usually with more structure and a book

  • A punch card goes per 30 minutes (or more) and is focused on having a regular 'chat' to get fluent, no prior preparation and correction is required from the tutor.

How to book

  1. buy your punch card below

  2. once the payment is done you can make an appointment with your private tutor on or book straight on our Calendly schedule on this page.

on appointment: it can be last minute if the tutor is available: drop a line in or book here 




FREE Try-out: 20 minutes       

90 minutes (1.5 hours total): 81 euros

150 minutes (2.5 hours total): 130 euros

180 minutes (3 hours total): 150 euros

300 minutes (5 hours total): 240 euros

360 minuten (6 hours total): 276 euros


install on your laptop or phone


Mind to use up your minutes within 6 months after purchasing

Once you have paid your punch card, book your class here 
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