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Summer park card
park sessions 
conversation in small groups
on social distance

Reading in the Park

Summer is on its way. And Dutch conversation in the park too! A great way to add conversation to your course.


knowledge of Dutch:

  • minimum A2 and for people who like to meet in person (on social distance!!). 

you will learn to:

  • talk about topics of your liking

  • get more confidence in having the habit of talking on a regular basis

  • get more fluent in a cosy outdoor atmosphere of the park

How does it work:

  • Buy your summer punch card on the bottom of this page. Pay the invoice 

  • We meet - when weather permits - every week (check this 24h before your session with your tutor)

  • You can buy this summer card as an extra package to your course, or just to keep your Dutch from rusting 

  • It keeps your Dutch practice going on a weekly or regular basis

  • you receive we meet in the park - to be confirmed by your tutor (check your spam!)

How to book

  1. buy your summer park card below

  2. once the payment is done you are invited to join our group on below week days and times (check your level of Dutch). 

  3. send a mail with your full name + "I will join this week summer park session on ... (day)" at the latest one day prior to the session to

- 5 sessions to be taken between whenever between 2nd of June till 28th of August

  every Tuesday between 3:30 and 5 pm

- 5 consecutive Fridays between 5:30 and 7:00 pm from 17July to 14 August 


Precise Pin park location will be shared by confirmation mail (or whatsapp), most probably Rembrandtpark (or Vondelpark).

You can bring your own beverages and snacks for a more cosy atmosphere.


5x 1.5 hours: 120 euros, (10% reduction for whom already is taking a course in the moment of purchasing the summer card)


no books, no laptop, just join us in the park! Location will be shared by confirmation mail.

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