Intermediate 1​

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your Dutch to B1 level


knowledge of Dutch:

  • passing the Beginners 3 test with a minimum of 75 percent

  • see content of Beginners 3 at the Beginners 3 page

you will learn:

  • talk about topics like social media, dream jobs, hobbies, travelling, feelings

  • new grammar: 'zou' and hypothesis and polite questions, revise subclause structure, indirect speech and how and when to use 'te + infinitive'

  • chapters 1, 2, 3 of Nederlands in Actie (Coutinho)

11 July - 19 September (No class: 15 Aug)  | Mondays | 2 hours Zoom | 10 classes 




350 euros 



Nederlands in Actie (Coutinho): to be bought by student himself prior to the start of the course


Combine this course with challenge card or punch card and get better faster